The Rock County Ag Society

S. Freeman Ave. Luverne MN 56156 | P.O. Box 956

The Rock County Agricultural Society’s mission is to partner with local organizations to bring “the farm” and “the town” together with a common goal to increase exposure to, and participation in 4-H events, technological and industrial exhibits, the arts, and in programs that preserve, promote and showcase both Rock County and the region’s rich agricultural, historical and cultural heritage. In so doing, we strive to create a unique and fun experience by providing outstanding customer service and exceptional value in a safe and clean environment, accessible to all.

Meet our Officers


President Adam Kinsinger 507-227-2141
Vice President Lee Sell 507-220-1724
Secretary Carrie Hanson
Treasurer Bob Remme 507-220-0177


Meet our Directors

Al Aanenson, 283-8633

Burdette Braun, 673-2300

Rollie Crawford, 673-2243

Clair Crawford, 673-2535

Ron Fick, 283-8724

Jim Hatting, 673-2258

Lowell Jauert, 283-9743
Lynette Jauert, 227-1526

Bill Miller, 283-2567

Bryce Niessink, 283-9496

Cory Schoeneman, 920-9811

Spencer Sells, 227-1008
Leon Siebenahler
, 283-2837

Greg Uithoven, 920-9556

Bob Zinnel, 283-2695


Our future plans/goals
  • We are always interested in hearing your opinions. Please contact any of our officers or directors with suggestions for how we can make your fair experience even better.